Ginmann is a Creative Director and UX Designer

Who I Am

An experienced design leader who drives business value with visual design as a core competency. Exceptional storyteller with an aptitude for understanding and solving complex business problems, and excels in bringing design teams together around a clear, holistic design vision that integrates all levels of design, including service design methodology, user research, prototyping, storytelling, and business design.

Design Principles


Remove what you don't need.

+ Intention

Define the problem and keep your goals clear.

= Power

When done right, you can create experiences that are clean, effective, and powerful.

My Work

Sermon Series

typography, illustration


UI design, e-mail design, branding

Red Jacket Society

user experience, web design, brand strategy

Annual Report 2012

print design, typography

Typographical Illustration

digital illustration, typography

Animated Storyboard

typography, illustration

Tote Bag Illustrations




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